Patricia Bahia is an award-winning Los Angeles-based singer songwriter, recording artist, and music educator and coach who started her musical career as a soloist with the acclaimed Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir--recording with Linda Rondstadt, performing with Joan Baez, and opening for Bonnie Rait. You can hear Patricia's voice on numerous recordings of her own and others, including backup vocals on Grammy- and Emmy-winning recordings.

A former litigation attorney and tech entrepreneur, Patricia left the corporate world after a successful battle with ovarian cancer caused her to re-examine her priorities and discover her "inner songwriter". She credits her illness with the discovery of her songwriting voice, and credits music with her recovery:

"Music was a huge part of my recovery. In the process of healing, I discovered my voice as a songwriter. Music saves my life every day."

Now healed, Patricia is on a mission to spread love, healing, joy and peace through the power of words and music--and to inspire others to follow their dreams.

In addition to her extensive performance and recording credentials, Patricia has deep educational credentials. Patricia has an MM (Master of Music) degree in commercial music performance, a level three certification in Somatic Voicework (tm) - the Lovetri Method from Shenandoah University's Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute, and years of private studies in vocal technique and performance, songwriting, and the music business, as well as her J.D. and years practicing law and entrepreneurship. A more complete list of Patricia's awards, achievements, and work history is available in her resume, which can be viewed in the resume section of this website.

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