Testimonials for Patricia Bahia

“I just wanted to let you know that
the audition went really well and
I got the part!!!
Thank you so much
for helping me get prepared.
It really helped a lot.
-Yana S. (High School Junior who got the lead in a musical)

Patricia makes singing enjoyable! I wish I’d met her years ago! –Betsy N.

Thank you for making me more confident in my voice! --Megan C.


Patricia’s energy is contagious and her
class made singing so much fun!
–Gabrielle W.
If you can’t carry a tune,
Patricia will build you a bucket.
--Kevin C.
Patricia really is a wonderful teacher;
committed, caring and knowledgeable.
–Andrew S.


My 13 year old son,
who is interested in both sports and musical theatre,
really enjoys his voice lessons with Patricia.
He finds her warm, encouraging and fun.
She not only focuses on performance and technique
but also on songwriting.
My husband and I know that one of the keys
to keeping a kid interested in music
is a good teacher and Patricia is
not only a wonderful teacher
but a lovely human being as well.

--Bobbie F.

You learn without even knowing it because you’re enjoying the class so much. –Jon R.


Patricia’s exercises make you eager to explore your voice,
without pressure or expectations.
Overall, just Fun!
–Kevin G.

After one lesson with Patricia,
I noticed that I had a reserve and confidence
in my lower range and a nice,
effortless vibrato I'd not had before.

Her approach stresses basics--the stuff
that good, solid technique is built on
--and when I couldn't get the hang
of a certain approach,
she always had another method
to achieve the same result.

--Steven W.

I really like how Patricia brought my voice out of its shell
and is a really nice, understanding, and knowledgeable teacher.
It was also very convenient to use Skype
and didn’t affect the quality of the lesson.
I very much enjoy having her as a teacher.
--Sara B. (15-year-old vocal student)

Patricia is one of the most dedicated and gifted songwriters
I have had the pleasure to work with in my 30 years of coaching.

With her knowledge of the craft and strong communication skills,
I have no doubt she’s a talented teacher and coach as well.
--Jai Josefs

(nationally renowned songwriting coach,
author of Writing Music for Hit Songs; and a
successful songwriter/producer whose
songs have been featured in film and tv and
recorded by artists such as Jose Feliciano.)

After many years of singing out of tune,
and thinking I would never be able to sing
what I hear in my head,
I am finally learning how to listen,
tune in, and use my voice consciously.
Thanks to Patricia,
I can actually carry a tune now!

--Gregg R.



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